Over the next two decades, we believe car fleets will undergo drastic changes. Fossil-powered cars are no longer sustainable, political goals are in place for the European Union regarding reductions of CO2 emissions and mandates for investments in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Many automotive OEMs are making significant progress in the space and industry analysts expect the market to grow rapidly in the coming years.
One of the challenges that remain unsolved is how to find an available charging station, access it and ultimately pay for electricity. Rather than investing in specific access or payment technology on the charging station itself, mobile payments technology will power EV-related payments.

EasyPark works with large utilities companies and equipment manufacturers of charging stations in order to make finding, accessing and paying for charging as easy as parking. Our platform measures charging status and allows users to pay for charging all within a single process, regardless of the type of equipment the customer is using. EasyPark makes finding, monitoring and paying for EV charging pain free.