In the busy life of any traveling workforce every minute counts. That’s why companies invest in making all walks of working life more effective. Until now however, there has been no solutions for parking. A normal scenario when arriving for a 1h meeting is to buy 1,5h parking ticket. If the meeting is done faster there’s a lot of money going to waste and if the meeting lasts longer you are either forced to break the meeting to handle the parking ticket or to risk a fine which you normally have to pay out of pocket. It is easy to see how this leads to a lot of frustration and inefficiency. But when parking in business it gets worse. Money needs to be claimed back and the expense reporting process is a time waster both for the person reporting and the person that has to scrutinize the report. As we use to say, the real cost of parking for a business is not even related to the cost of parking but the administration and lost opportunity that it brings. That’s probably why EasyPark has rapidly signed up more than 10 000 companies that now use our parking service for businesses. It complements the overall work-tool of a field work force and reduces administration for everyone. Total travel expenses are reduced also by the fact that staff only for the time they actually use. We provide an invoice at the end of the month to the company split in any number of ways to truly ease your process. And the best of all we allow drivers to select in the App what are private and what are business transactions so that there’s no mix of use. Kind of what you wish that mobile phone subscriptions should be like.